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Changing the Moral Mind


The Gift of Violence

Author and 5th-degree jiu-jitsu black belt Matt Thornton speaks candidly about violence, Antifa, and BLM. Rarely will you hear someone so knowledgeable speak with such clarity on these complex topics.

Does Woke madness drive you insane? Do you wonder how the world got to this level of crazy? Get your creative juices flowing and enter the National Progress Alliance Video Contest!

First place: $5,000 Second place: $500 Third place: $100

Produce a short video that illustrates the absurdity of wokeness. It could be animation, skits, live footage, commentary, or a Social Justice Fundamentalist doing or saying something outrageous. Your video can be funny, poignant, profound, or insightful. Maximum length: 5 minutes. We will publicize the best submissions with full attribution to creators on the NPA web site and through Peter Boghossian’s social media accounts. Submission Deadline has been EXTENDED: July 15, 2023 


STOP Donating to Your Alma Mater

The ideology dominating our academic institutions goes by many names: Social Justice, Critical Social Justice, DEI, Wokeism, etc. Regardless of the name, the result is the same: universities are replacing the liberal prime directive of seeking truth with an illiberal quest to enforce intolerant doctrines. Students, faculty, and staff across the country are under pressure to suppress dissenting viewpoints and parrot approved dogma, particularly on fashionable orthodoxies regarding gender, race, economics, and history.

Every dollar you donate to an ideologically captured university is a nudge toward censorship and ideological entrenchment. You can make a difference by ceasing donations and communicating your support for free expression and open inquiry. 

Based on the latest report from the non-partisan Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and College Pulse, we have created EMAIL TEMPLATES to send to the colleges that rank among the worst for free speech. 


All Things Re-Considered

This five-episode series sheds light on NPR’s biased journalism. Peter Boghossian and Matt Thornton analyze NPR stories, former NPR fans describe why they stopped listening, and award-winning journalist Gina Gambony discusses why public radio should break ranks with NPR. You can even buy All Things Re-Considered merchandise at cost!

Episodes can be found on YouTube. You can also listen to the show as a podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher, and many other platforms.

Reverse Q&A Tour

In the Reverse Q&A Tour,  Peter visited universities with his film team. He listened to student experiences with Critical Social Justice on campus and in the classroom, ran Street Epistemology exercises, and taught students how to speak across ideological divides. 

We visited seven universities; however, Yale and Brown administrators blocked our student hosts.  In place of these canceled events, we added Reverse Q&A’s at Portland State University and the University of Oregon.

Other productions:

Woke in Plain English

In brief one-minute videos, Woke in Plain English translates terms from wokish into plain English. Peter unpacks terms like, “Diversity,” “Equity,” “Inclusion,” “White Fragility,” and “Rape Culture.”

A Deep Dive into Decolonization

In these brief videos, Dr. Bruce Gilley, currently the most hated man at Portland State University, explores what decolonization is and what it means when someone says they want to “decolonialize” schools, curricula, and institutions. 

Reporting on Antifa

Author and journalist Nancy Rommelmann shares her insights from years of reporting on antifa.

Why Colleges are Becoming Cults

Dr. Lyell Asher explains what caused universities to descend into madness.
Dr. Asher focuses on the role ed schools played and continue to play in the ideological capture of our institutions.

Antiracist Baby

This three-part series explains Ibram X. Kendi’s (Ibram Henry Rogers) best-selling children’s book, Antiracist Baby.

Waking up to Woke

Jodi Shaw, a former Smith College employee, talks about what happened to her at Smith and why it is so important to speak up when faced with injustice.

Reverse Q&A Hungary & Romania

In September and October of 2022, Peter travelled throughout Hungary and Romania and recorded Spectrum Street Epistemology videos with strangers. The conversations are extraordinary, as is the contrast with American participants.

New videos will be released Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 1:00 PM PT. Subscribe to Peter’s Youtube Channel to receive notifications. All videos are also on Rumble


Woke Religion: a Taxonomy

In this clear chart, Peter and author Michael Shellenberger offer a taxonomy for the woke religion.

Responding to Social Justice Rhetoric

Peter teams up with Drs. Gilley and Lindsay and create an easy-to-read guide to interpret the language of Social Justice. 


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