STOP Donating to Your Alma Mater

If you graduated from one of the universities listed below before 2016, your university is not the same now as it was then. Almost without exception, institutions of higher education have been ideologically captured by a divisive, intolerant ideology. According to the latest report from the non-partisan Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and College Pulse, your alma mater ranks among the worst colleges for free speech. 

Every dollar you donate to an ideologically captured university is a nudge toward censorship and ideological entrenchment. You can make a difference by ceasing donations and communicating your support for free expression and open inquiry. 


Here's How to STOP Donating to Your Alma Mater

1. Send a letter to your alma mater explaining why your donations are ending. Sample letters and email addresses for select universities are linked below. If you have never donated to your alma mater, you can use this letter to end their requests for donations.

2. Separately contact your alma mater to end recurring donations.

3. Consider supporting institutions and organizations that are committed to free expression and open inquiry:

National Progress Alliance (that’s us!)

University of Austin, Texas

Ralston College

Foundation for Individual Rights & Expression


Columbia University

Georgetown University

Harvard University

Portland State University

Princeton University

Stanford University

The University of Illinois Chicago

The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Washington

Yale University

There are many other universities suppressing free speech and open inquiry. If your university is not on this list, we are happy to send you information and email addresses to help you contact your alma mater. Write to us here.